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It All Begins With The Leader

The success of your business is directly tied to how your leaders handle change and growth. At ECCO, we help support and improve executive leadership and management’s on-the-job effectiveness through our relationship-oriented leadership development approach.

Emerging findings in neuroscience research suggest that inspiring and supportive relationships are meaningful because they help activate openness to new ideas and more social orientation to others. These insights may drive the priority of a leader’s actions away from the often proselytized “results-orientation” toward a relationship orientation.
One of the benefits of working with us is that we represent a vast array of professional resources and approaches dedicated to developing the skills of leaders and managers at all levels. We have created a 10-part learning series informed by the leading-edge research of our world-renowned consultants and our decades of experience developing similar programs for many organizations.
Presenter Chatting with a Coworker
Executive Team Working Together
ECCO designed the Leadership Development Series for managers who want to improve their ability to think like a leader, adapt their leadership style to fit the needs at that moment, communicate across styles, develop skills to support their own growth and that of their team members or associates, and strengthen their ability to collaborate and influence more effectively across their organization.
There is a system to the learning. Significant pre-work establishes a baseline for participants when they enter the learning space. A detailed sustainment plan helps ensure the new skills are anchored and immediately applied. We work with you to incorporate your core leadership values and responsibilities. Our company will ensure that the learning fits your organizational culture and is forward-thinking and innovative by offering new ways of thinking and using creative global learning methodology.
"ECCO provided us with two customized series that focused on leadership development and our participants rave about it to this day! Thanks to knowledgeable and energizing facilitation, we learned important tools that have transformed our culture and developed the leaders in our teams."
- HR Director, Learning and Development
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Customizable Elements of Our Leadership Development Services

Company Leader
"Working with ECCO is like having a part of my internal group working on a project. I can always trust that the product I get is customized to my organization, high quality and helps us execute flawlessly on our programs. We always consider them first when we need external work done."
- Manager, Learning and Development