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The People: Leadership Development That Works

When a CEO or company executive is asked what makes his or her company succeed, the answer is frequently, “the people.” From the newest hire to the most senior leader, it is the people that can make or break a company. And yet, the most recent Gallup Poll states that about 20 million U.S. employees (20%) are dissatisfied or actively disengaged. About half of the employees, 50 million people, are neither engaged nor disengaged. These are the people who simply show up. The remaining 30% are those who are engaged and inspired at work. These are probably the employees or managers the CEO is thinking of when he or she answers, “the people.” But what about the other 70%? At ECCO International, we provide leadership development that works. Our instructional designers, trainers and keynote speakers combine to create effective leadership development for executive leaders as well for new employees.

The Process: Engaging Adult Learners

Corporations and organizations are under a lot of pressure. Dynamic economies. global competition, demanding customers, the pace of change and a staff that may be stretched thin are all challenges faced by management and employees. ECCO International understands how to engage these adult learners in meaningful skill development. Since 1989, ECCO International has been providing:

  • Leadership development for managers, executives, leadership teams and high potential employees;
  • Diversity training to enhance multicultural communication skills;
  • Employee training that is effective and delivered either in person, via webcasting or programs developed in Captivate or other eLearning formats;
  • Keynote speaking on diversity, women in leadership and other topics.

The Presenters: Academically Grounded with Real-World Experience

Companies and organizations seek experienced instructional designers, meeting facilitators and keynote speakers for two main reasons: internal staff is too busy or internal staff lacks the specific skill set. ECCO International was founded by Dr. Amy Tolbert in 1989. Like any other company, our strength lies in our people. Our associates are rich in experience across industries and across the globe. Our ideas and approach go beyond theory. We are education based and business savvy. We’d be pleased to assist you with your learning development, diversity training, employee engagement or other business needs.

Leadership Development and Diversity Training

ECCO International would be happy to provide you with a free initial consultation or proposal. Please either call us at (651) 636-0838 or contact us via email.  We look forward to working with you. logo band

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