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Employee Engagement Education and DevelopmenT

A company doesn’t need to experience downsizing to be reminded of the value held by well-trained, productive employees. A lot could happen unexpectedly—workforce strategies may shift, a global pandemic may hit, the economy may fluctuate, a Great Resignation may commence—and every company must be prepared. For a business to succeed, its initiatives must be tied directly to its bottom line.
"Our early career employees had an amazing experience with Dr. Amy Tolbert’s training on inclusive communication and effective presentation skills. With this knowledge, they have a great jump start! We can’t wait to have Amy back!"
- Jennifer Picone, Early Talent Manager
Polaris Inc.

Providing Insightful Training

ECCO offers employee engagement training through in-person sessions, virtual live sessions, or eLearning modules to help businesses manage their staff well. This employee training will ensure you get measurable results from your development, education, and training efforts. Our clients have seen those results and continue to rely on our initiatives for short-term and long-term projects, and we’d like the opportunity to do the same for you.

Aren’t we all stressed these days? Corporations and organizations are under a lot of pressure. Management and employees face several challenges, such as dynamic economies, global competition, demanding customers, the pace of change, and staff that may be stretched thin.

We understand how to engage these adult learners in meaningful skill development. Since 1989, we have been providing the following services to help companies overcome their unique challenges:

• Needs assessments to determine unique learning needs

• Listening sessions to build morale

• Education sessions, whether 90 minutes or multi-day experiences

• Topics range from Communication Skills to Creating High-Performance Teams – all customized for you!

Education and ongoing development are key to creating an engaging workplace culture. A positive workplace culture improves teamwork, strengthens morale, boosts productivity and efficiency, and enhances workforce retention. With this, you’ll build job satisfaction, collaboration, and better work performance among your employees.

Two Employees in Training
"Just one of our e-trainings realized approximately $4 million annual savings in the order entry process with the sales force. We ended up receiving the International Quality Award for our training effort!"
- Training Manager
Square D/Groupe Schneider