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Global Business Communication Skills

If you think you aren’t working globally, think again. In a global economy, we have culturally diverse employees and a customer base to consider for our business. If a large portion of your customer base is in France, chances are you have learned as much as you can about the French culture, customs, and language. Why? Because the effort you make to learn about the country and its people builds strong and productive relationships that will eventually translate into profits—and that same global communication strategy works just as well in your own office and community.

Helping Businesses Utilize Culture Awareness

Businesses that understand the nuances of marketing to an ever-evolving customer base will benefit from new opportunities to expand market reach and attract new business. At ECCO, we help our clients:
The top 1,000 global companies are more likely to build cultural competency, create cross-cultural work experiences, and leverage international best practices throughout the organization—the key missing component: cultural competency in the reality of globalization.
- Study Results,
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