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Creating Inclusive CultureS

An inclusive culture improves teamwork, strengthens morale, boosts productivity and efficiency, and enhances workforce retention. With this, you’ll build up job satisfaction, collaboration, and better work performance among your staff. What makes the work environment inclusive?

"This is the best day I’ve had in two years."
- CEO, Healthcare
Training on Inclusive Leadership

Inclusion In The Workplace

Working Together for Inclusivity
Workplace cultures have highlighted diversity as a core value for the past thirty years. As teams reflect our world, customers, and clients, it is time to move beyond diversity to creating inclusive cultures and belonging. Teams that are not only diverse but inclusive are more productive, more innovative and creative, and better at problem-solving and decision-making.
However, there will be more significant conflict, more attrition, and less cohesion initially. Moving towards an inclusive culture is uncomfortable. If diversity creates space at the table for a dinner party, then inclusion allows others to come to your dinner party and rearrange the furniture. We need to be prepared for the initial bumps in the road, knowing that the benefit of an inclusive culture is significantly better.
Shifting expectations, differences impacting our day-to-day lives, and our shrinking world provide daunting challenges to individuals and families. Changing demographics, global competition, worker productivity, market niche focus, and employee recruitment and retention all pose challenges to organizations.
The good news is that these challenges also provide unique opportunities to the proactive, strategic-minded, inclusive, and diversity-aware individual and organization. These personal and professional advantages can—and should—be yours.
"ECCO provides regular, ongoing consultation and training in implementation of our diversity education initiative. They have been instrumental in the success of several divisions throughout our organization by customizing and facilitating education and training offerings through different modalities."
- Manager, Diversity Learning

Creating an Inclusive Culture Premise

The behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs around human differences are so deeply rooted, complex, and subtly ingrained that both organizations and individuals need to be engaged in a trusting (non-shaming/non-blaming), long-term, strategic, educational diversity change process. With this, ECCO aims to build a solid foundation of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Ecco International’s Guiding PrinciplEs

At ECCO, We Believe That Inclusive Culture Efforts Are:

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