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King Faisal Specialist Hospital Research Center

We have worked with ECCO International to coordinate and present a management education series via satellite transmission to our Clinical Services staff at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center. We have found these sessions to be very beneficial with interactive learning for the development for management skills.

Ms. Jan Kazan-Jammal

MT(ASCP), MA, Laboratory Administrator

Develop a comprehensive management/supervisory education series for clinical services staff at King Faisal Specialist Hospital – Research Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – delivered interactively via satellite transmission!

To increase management skills of all management levels from beginners to high-level executive managers in the clinical services staff.

  • Create a comprehensive supervisory/management development curriculum-a full curriculum addressing all competencies identified that are important to KFSH-RC to develop.
  • Assemble a proven multicultural team – Dr. Amy S. Tolbert, Dr. Gary N McLean, Dr. Louellen Essex and Dick DeBlieck with more than 75 years of collective supervisory development experience across cultures.
  • Develop proven programs – Training modules proven effective with a wide variety of client organizations.
  • Assign key implementation actions – Specific actions for participants to apply based on the objectives for each module.
    Provide proven value – Competitive pricing inclusive of advance planning, linked to competencies, satellite-delivered, and a process to monitor and reinforce the training.
  • The approach to meetingKFSH-RC’s training needs encompassed three steps:
    • Advance planning
    • Training delivery
    • Impact assessment