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We consider ECCO a true Best Buy partner versus being a traditional outsourced consulting firm. We invite them to participate in our training teams and include them in our decision-making about our future direction and how to accomplish specific, strategic goals. ECCO understands the culture, vision, and mission of our company so we greatly benefit by involving them in our planning processes. ECCO has become a ‘first call’ resource for our training initiatives.

Best Buy, Director

Retail Development and Training

With recent corporate changes, Best Buy needed to conduct a thorough training needs assessment to better design solutions for both retail and service centers. A critical precursor was to define and validate each part of the job.

To conduct a retail job task analysis and training needs assessment that would drive education and training efforts.

  • Job Task Analysis/Training Needs Assessment (JTA/TNA), Retail Store and Service Center Leadership/Management Program.
  • The JTA/TNA was conducted to develop a solid foundation for identifying specific training needs for each identified retail store and service center employee position. The deliverables included: Report of Findings identifying differences and deviations from identified competencies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Undocumented Best Practices External Factors (culture, mission and strategy, process, regulations, etc.) that affect people’s performance.
  • Training Grids that identify the training each retail store and service center major job role function needs to be successful Measurement of training effectiveness (based on Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation) to be included in each design document for each separate course.
  • Training resources necessary from a corporate perspective to effectively deliver and exceed retail store and service center training demands.
  • Updated job descriptions for each position within the retail store (47 positions) and service center (18 positions) structure (general manager through front-line employees).