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Positive thinking is as simple as having a positive mindset. Be that person who speaks so others love to listen and listens so others want to speak. Be that person who reflects on what you have, not what you want. Be that person who exemplifies trust, thus earning trust from others. Mindset is… everything.

You can improve the way you work – and play by thinking positively in all endeavors.

ECCO International improves employee and organizational effectiveness by developing multicultural competence for clients in national and global markets. We improve the workplace environment on a long-term basis, which enhances the productivity of your organization. When workplace environment improves, productivity increases, thereby increasing profits!

Positive Thinking: Are You Heard?

In this first of five presentations on Positive Thinking (Are You Heard?), you’ll learn how important mindset is to positive thinking… how important it is to speak so that others love to listen and listen so that others want to share! ECCO International has extensive experience in helping clients improve both speaking and listening skills, so we’re the best ones to help you identify opportunities for improvement!

Video #1: Are you heard?
Video #2: Affirmations – I am…
Video #3: What Got You Here?
Video #4: Reflecting on Your Blessings
Video #5: A Global Team Element

Dr. Amy S. Tolbert, CSP Principal – ECCO International Partner – Spectra Diversity Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Expert Author, Researcher and Keynote Speaker Dr. Amy S. Tolbert expands individuals’ productivity and increases organizations’ profitability through leadership development and global business communications.