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Diversity Training in the Workplace

Tools for Diversity Training in the Workplace

So you’re in charge of developing your company’s diversity initiative … want some help?

You’ll find it in the resourceful book “Reversing the Ostrich Approach to Diversity” by Dr. Amy S. Tolbert, the principal of ECCO International. Practical insight and humor are Dr. Tolbert’s tools in outlining the importance of workplace diversity.

With the Ostrich book and the supporting tools, you can transition through workplace diversity issues.

Or perhaps you’re standing in front of your employees who are more interested in coffee and donuts than diversity. You need more than just great ideas. You’ve got to have the means in which to deliver them.

  • Drama Learning: ECCO International’s trademark is built around creative learning solutions. One solution is drama learning which adds humor to complex organizational issues.
  • E-Collaboration Blended Learning: Or try a blended learning solution… combine eLearning with a facilitated workshop for more results with more impact.

Eight out of 10 CEOs don’t think they have the global  leaders to run the business five years from now.
Almost 90 percent of top executives from 68 countries named cross-cultural leadership as their top management challenge for this century.
Executives surveyed cited understanding customers across cultures as the greatest of all the global leadership challenges.

Source:  Economist Intelligence Unit

ECCO’s eLearning tools provide the means to deliver solutions for specific diversity issues.

  • Open Mind, Open World: In a global economy, cultural misunderstandings can have an immediate, negative impact on business productivity. Open Mind, Open World, created by ECCO International and distributed by Sollah Interactive, provides a solid foundation for identifying and understanding basic cultural values and behaviors. Employees and managers gain insights, strategies and skills that help minimize cultural misunderstandings and strengthen interactions.
  • Generations Training with ECCO International: Learn to effectively work with the four generations now sharing the workplace.

The Institute for the Future and the Apollo Research Institute published the report Future Work Skills 2020 to increase understanding of the skills workers will need over the next decade in a technologically advanced and changing world.

  1. Sense-making: ability to determine the deeper meaning or significance of what is being expressed
  2. Social intelligence: ability to connect to others in a deep and direct way, to sense and stimulate reactions and desired interactions
  3. Novel and adaptive thinking: proficiency at thinking and coming up with solutions and responses beyond that which is rote or rule-based
  4. Cross-cultural competency: ability to operate in different cultural settings
  5. Computational thinking: ability to translate vast amounts of data into abstract concepts and to understand data-based reasoning
  6. New media literacy: ability to critically assess and develop content that uses new media forms, and to leverage these media for persuasive communication
  7. Transdisciplinarity: literacy in and ability to understand concepts across multiple disciplines
  8. Design mindset: ability to represent and develop tasks and work processes for desired outcomes
  9. Cognitive load management: ability to discriminate and filter information for importance, and to understand how to maximize cognitive functioning using a variety of tools and techniques
  10. Virtual collaboration: ability to work productively, drive engagement, and demonstrate presence as a member of a virtual team

Ostrich Diversity Book and Supporting Tools

Amy S. Tolbert provides diversity training in the workplace

The book “Reversing the Ostrich Approach to Diversity: Pulling your head out of the sand” is meant to be a springboard to start the personal change process and the organizational shifts that support diversity in the workplace. Structured learning activities and exercises help move that process forward.

Sample chapter 1,  read some reviews or purchase the book.

ECCO also provides customizable learning tools to support the “Reversing the Ostrich Approach to Diversity” book. They can help you turn learning into action.

The supporting tools for full-day and half-day scripted training seminars include:

  • Leader Guide
  • Participant Guide
  • PowerPoint Slides


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