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Executive Leadership Development

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The success of your business is directly tied to how your leaders handle change and growth. At ECCO International we help support and improve executive leadership and management’s on-the-job effectiveness.

One of the benefits of working with ECCO International is that we represent a vast array of professional resources and approaches dedicated to developing the skills of leaders and managers at all levels.  We have assembled a program that is informed by both the leading edge research conducted by our world-renowned consultants, as well as by our experience developing similar programs for many organizations during the past 20 years.

ECCO’s Management Development series is designed for managers who desire to expand their capacity to think like a leader, adapt their leadership style to fit the needs at that moment, communicate across styles, develop skills to support their own growth and that of their team members or associates, and strengthen their ability to collaborate and influence across their organization.  There is a system to the learning.  Significant pre-work creates a baseline for participants as they enter the training space, and a detailed sustainment plan helps ensure the new skills are anchored and can be immediately applied.

We work with you to incorporate your core leadership values and responsibilities.  We ensure the learning fits your organizational culture and is forward thinking (offering new ways of thinking)… and innovative (using creative global learning methodology).

Comprehensive Management Development Services

ECCO International provides the following types of sessions to develop managerial skills.  If you have a topic you’d like covered at your organization and don’t see it here, please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Delivering Persuasive and Motivating Presentations: Give your managers the power to persuade and motivate.
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Consulting: Put your emotions to work! Use them to guide and align behavior, thinking, and actions.
  • Coaching: Improve your managers’ skills in coaching employees … and each other!
  • Implementing Change Efforts: Keep the “change animal” in check by understanding and designing effective change.
  • Leadership vs. Management: Leader or manager? They are very different roles. Learn about the seven management competencies.
  • Managing for Customer Service: Establish, manage and support a spectacular customer service delivery process.
  • Managing Diversity: Create leaders who can work with diverse individuals in everyday situations with a foundation of respect and productivity.
  • Mentoring Initiatives: Enhance the performance of your employees and organization through mentoring.
  • Managing to Style: the Personal Profile System: Understand yourself and others to manage according to their needs and expectations for maximum effectiveness.
  • Management and Leadership Skills Development: Our relationship-oriented approach. Emerging findings in neuroscience research suggest why inspiring and supportive relationships are important — they help activate openness to new ideas and a more social orientation to others. Insights such as these may move the primacy of a leader’s actions away from the often proselytized “results-orientation” toward a relationship orientation.

 Contact ECCO for Your Leadership Development Needs

We would be happy to provide you with a free initial consultation or proposal regarding your management development needs. Please call us at (651) 636-0838 or contact us via email. We look forward to working with you.

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