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Amy S. Tolbert, Ph.D., CSPDr. Amy S. Tolbert

What makes a good keynote speaker? Typically, it is someone with a great story, or stories, to tell who engages the audience. It is someone with energy who can think on their feet during Q&A sessions. It is someone with a combination of education and training, real-word experience and personality.

Amy S. Tolbert, Ph.D., earned a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation with the National Speaker’s Association. The CSP is the speaking profession’s international measure of experience and skill. Fewer than 10 percent of the speakers who belong to the International Federation for Professional Speakers hold this professional designation.

Dr. Tolbert presents nationally and internationally at the International Human Resource Development Organization Conference; the International Management Development Organization; the “Quality Workforce,” a national conference co-sponsored by ASTD; the SIETAR International Convention; the Multicultural Forum; the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication, and at the National Speakers Association (NSA) National Convention on diversity.

The topics listed below are ready to go and give an indication of the variety of keynote speaker options available to you and your organization.

DSC00680Keynote Speaker Topic: Communicating Across Styles – Adapting For Increased Effectiveness

By understanding our own behavioral strengths, and learning how to identify and value behavioral strengths in others, we can improve the way we work with others, discover viable solutions to resolve conflict, and relieve stress that comes with miscommunication and frustration.  During this session, keynote speaker Dr. Amy Tolbert uses audience activities and in a session that is inspirational, life-changing and educational/informative.

Bring out the best in your employees to:

  • Discover and understand behavioral strengths
  • Learn how and when to adapt behavior
  • Value strengths of others & promote appreciation of differences
  • Improve customer relationships & customer satisfaction
  • Enhance individual and team performance
  • Reduce conflict and stress

Audience members learn how to:

  • Identify personal behavioral style
  • Describe the impact of your personal style on interpersonal communication
  • Identify the strengths of each behavioral style
  • Use key skills in communicating with various styles
  • Compare and contract different styles to determine potential impact
  • Apply strategies for adapting to various styles to communicate more effectively

Keynote Speaker Topic: Talking ‘Bout My Generation – Working Across Generations

Bridge Generation Gaps Between Co-workers for Increased Productivity.

How can you bridge understanding to close generation “gaps” and strengthen employee cooperation and productivity?

Millennials will take over 75% of entire workforce by 2025!  Today’s workforce includes four distinct generations, with each group working from its own vantage point… it’s a wonder we get anything done! To accomplish organizational goals, workers from all generations must identify common ground and develop the ability to communicate, cooperate, and value each other’s differences.

In this session, we will identify the actual and perceived differences among the generations, enhance understanding of how these differences affect individuals, and learn skills and techniques for effective inter-generational communication. This workshop format incorporates drama pieces interspersed with facilitation and small group work where participants can get involved and learn how to model positive adaptation for stronger inter-generational cooperation and increased productivity.

This keynote session has audience activity and is educational and informative.

Keynote Speaker Topic: “What you are speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you say!”

Communication is key to building positive relationships with co-workers and customers.

Why is it easy to communicate with some individuals while communicating with others creates conflict and confusion?

Communication styles vary from person to person; some are compatible with ours and, for various reasons, some are not. By understanding our own behavioral strengths, and learning how to identify and value behavioral strengths in others, we can improve the way we work with others, discover viable solutions to resolve conflict, and relieve stress that comes with miscommunication and frustration. Likewise, customer and client relations are strengthened by improving how we communicate with them. This improves both the relationship and customer satisfaction.

The session features audience activities. It is inspirational, potentially life-changing, educational and informative.

Keynote Speaker Topic: Leading Across Styles – Adapting For Maximum EffectivenessDSC00620

This keynote session features audience activities. It is designed to be educational and informative. The goal is to develop leadership communication strategies to increase performance and bottom line results.

How would leadership effectiveness improve if you could control your communication outcomes?

Leaders spend most of their time communicating. Therefore, it is no surprise that the most effective leaders are great communicators. Using behavioral style practices to develop communication strategies can improve leadership skills and maximize your effectiveness with employees, clients and customers, and other leaders.

When you hone your ability to influence and persuade, you enhance and develop coaching and mentoring skills, cultivate teamwork from a diverse group of employees, motivate according to style, reduce team conflict, and model behavior for others to emulate as they interact with each other.

Using DiSC to develop leader communication strategies will increase performance and improve bottom line results.

Keynote Speaker Topic: Open Mind, Open World – Improving Intercultural Interactions

O.P.E.N. Your Business to the World!

How effectively an organization can harness its collective global thinking abilities, global learning capacities and global creativity is all that separates it from every other organization. Put smart global business communications skills to work. Help your clients and organizations navigate global waters without drowning in cultural situations by:

  • Identifying cultural tendencies that impact our interactions and effectiveness with global colleagues
  • Identifying and responding to situations involving intercultural dynamics
  • Distinguishing between effective and ineffective intercultural communication
  • Using global awareness and the O.P.E.N. process to improve communications and productivity.

This keynote training session can be offered in a one-hour overview, a half day or multi-day sessions.  It is designed to equip employees at all levels with quick tools to resolve cultural communication conflicts.

Open Mind, Open World is a fresh and relevant video-based training solution that uses engaging, realistic video vignettes and guided discussions; participants learn a simple model to interpret the most complex interactions. This educational and informative keynote session includes audience activities.  When you open your mind, you open your world.

Amy_13Keynote Speaker Topic: Reversing The Ostrich Approach To Diversity – Pulling Your Head Out Of The Sand!

Although the image of an ostrich burying its head in the sand is based on myth rather than fact, it is the perfect icon to depict the many avoidance tactics we use to deal with difficult issues at work – including diversity.  All the running, hiding and avoiding (i.e., the ostrich approach) won’t change what’s going on around us.  We need to make a commitment to “pull our heads out of the sand” so that we can communicate more clearly and effectively with one another.

The increasing diversity in the work force creates opportunities for team members to learn from each other and appreciate the differences each of us brings to the workplace.  The leader plays a key role in promoting and supporting respect and responsibility within the work team.  This keynote (or breakout session) – designed to engage your heart, mind, and imagination – will focus on strategies and techniques for promoting and leading the diversity efforts in teams in their organizations.

After participating in this keynote session, the participants will be able to:

  • Define terminology related to diversity and multiculturalism
  • Discuss the power of assumptions and biases and how they impact the workplace
  • Describe the behaviors present in a work environment that supports diversity and promotes respect in the work team
  • Develop strategies for creating a respectful work environment
  • Locate diversity and multicultural resources available in the community
  • Explain your personal responsibility to work toward accepting and valuing the diversity of coworkers and clients/customers
  • Create a plan for outlining specific objectives to move the team forward with regard to diversity, respect and inclusion

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