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Jerel has more than 10 years of China experience, and currently lives in Shanghai. He is the Founder and Principal Consultant of a consulting company that specializes on “Transforming Human Resources into Business Partners through Employee Intelligence.” He works with Fortune 500 firms assisting them in developing existing executives, emerging talent, changing mindsets and embedding a coaching culture. His areas of expertise include:

  • Top Talent Behavior
  • How to Measure Improvement
  • Understanding Human Emotions
  • Building Better Relationships
  • Employer Branding
  • Managing Chinese Employees to Success

Jerel's Expertise.

Jerel’s international experience allows him to see business issues from a global perspective. Jerel has published articles and white papers on leading management trends and has presented at conferences all across China on management and leadership topics.

His coaching system is built on the foundation that relationship and expertise power creates more influence on an individual than role power. Through regularly scheduled meetings, he builds a strong foundation of trust with his coachees that strengthen their self-confidence. He creates a blended learning program from common every day resources that matches the employee’s learning style. His strength is in his ability to help people feel comfortable with the decisions they have made in their personal and professional lives.

Jerel delivers training that is practicable and actionable. He shares his past work and learning experiences with his trainees so that they are motivated to succeed. He guides them to think about how to apply what they’ve learned so that their managers can observe a change in their behavior. He helps them connect the dots of the training concepts to their managers and organizations’ goals, which leads them to create more value back in the office.