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Do you champion an inclusive work culture, so employees feel appreciated and valued? Are you fully utilizing your people talent, in order to capitalize on a diverse talent pool? Does your organizational culture reward innovation, thereby driving motivation and financial performance? Do your employees feel engaged, enough to do the work you need done both today and tomorrow?

Your people are your most important resource, so you must ensure they’re engaged. The talent world is competitive, so you must account for gaps in performance and motivation. You must be able to answer these questions above, but many leaders can’t. ECCO International helps you come up with answers and create custom solutions to fill any gaps.

ECCO (Effecting Creative Change in Organizations) International works with organizations in national and global markets. We help employees develop multicultural competence, which enhances quality, productivity, and profitability. We collaborate with you to develop solutions, since it’s important to create a plan you can carry out. ECCO takes the time to make it right, because organizational effectiveness requires dedication and long-term effort.

ECCO International adds value by driving increased business results!

What We Do

Dr. Amy S. Tolbert, CSP Principal – ECCO International Partner – Spectra Diversity Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Expert Author, Researcher and Keynote Speaker Dr. Amy S. Tolbert expands individuals’ productivity and increases organizations’ profitability through leadership development and global business communications.