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Rapid transition from “Face to Face” to Live Virtual

Necessity is the mother of invention

As leaders and planners throughout the world respond to the spreading coronavirus outbreak by cancelling and postponing critical events and training. Illustra is helping its customers by rapidly converting many of their business-critical activities into innovative, highly interactive live virtual engagements – product launches – strategy updates – kick off meetings – the things that can’t wait.

We work with you to make extensive use of media to engage, motivate, promote understanding, and drive business impact.

  • A full conference meeting environment – with instant transitions from plenary session to streams, with team breakouts.
  • Custom built interactive activities targeted to achieve your business objectives
  • Immediate collection of data, information and ideas that are compiled into detailed reports that become a powerful planning resource for the business
  • Illustra producer and technical support on every session – leaving you to do what you do best
  • Full end-to-end Project ManagementClick video to see the form and functionality of the new virtual meetings and events





• Cost: Depending on content and speakers cost savings on a face to face event range from 65% to 90%.*

• Speed: A matter of days or weeks to organize and deliver, NOT months.

• Engagement: Over the last 100 Illustra events, thousands of participants have rated the events an average score 0f 4.5 / 5.*

• Sustainable: A live virtual event is approximately 5% of the carbon footprint of a face to face event