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ECCO International can help your organization understand multicultural diversity, institute more inclusive policies and offer skill-based training.



Innovative Diversity & Inclusion Training


Clients face inclusion and communication challenges on a daily basis. There are several components of multicultural communication skills and cultural diversity training which apply to companies and organizations throughout the U.S.

At ECCO International we help our clients:

  • Understand cultural protocols for business and social situations
  • Examine key factors responsible for productivity and innovation
  • Strengthen talent management throughout the entire cycle (hiring, onboarding, development, coaching, promotion, etc.)
  • Increase understanding and appreciation of differences to strengthen relationships, build trust and establish mutual respect
  • Work effectively on multicultural and geographically dispersed teams
  • Develop a strategic action plan for improved individual, leader and corporate responsibilities that impact the bottom-line.

Better Understanding

Multicultural Diversity


Today’s employees are driven to excel by respect and an understanding of their background. At ECCO we know this. The “golden rule” is not enough. It’s not enough to treat people how you want to be treated. At ECCO we apply the “platinum rule” – treat people as they want to be treated. You can accomplish this within your established business disciplines and philosophies.

Since 1989 we have been helping organizations and Fortune 500 companies with their multicultural and diversity needs. We offer:

  • Comprehensive services for our clients at any stage of diversity inclusiveness.
  • A wide variety of learning techniques are utilized so interventions can be customized to suit each client’s needs.
  • Assessments and tools to measure employee and organization effectiveness related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our Guiding Diversity Principles

At ECCO International, we believe that corporate diversity efforts are:

Driven from the top

Successful corporate diversity programs need buy-in from all levels in your hierarchy.

Positive Opportunities

Designed to be a non-shaming/non-blaming educational process that focuses on individual workplace behavior.

Long-Term Strategy

A strategic process, not just a check-off activity or corporate program.


Fully Inclusive

No exceptions to the rule.


Promoted internally through learning events, change opportunities, and interventions.

The SMART Thing

Quite simply, the smart business thing to do to impact innovation and organizational culture.




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" I have worked with Amy and ECCO for nearly 20 years and have always counted on her to deliver the most engaging and professional learning solutions on time and on budget. She is especially talented in delivering innovative programs to develop leaders and managers. Learners consistently give the highest ratings on programs she develops. You can't go wrong with Amy and her crew. "

Nancy Miller
Strategic Sales Director
TLS Learning

" Not sure there are enough positive adjectives in the dictionary to describe Dr. Amy Tolbert and ECCO International, so I'll simply start with engaging, versatile and energetic. Having worked with ECCO International several times in different situations with different clients, I'm convinced they can do it all. "

Dan Day
Director of Global Markets

" ECCO’s success with our program was largely due to their process and interaction with the team. They explored our current pains, goals and the desired outcomes to fully understand the underlying problem. By partnering with ECCO, we were able to increase overall effectiveness of our team's presentation skills improving our client conference but more importantly the daily interactions our employees take with everyone they meet. "

Drea Toretti
VP Marketing
PowerPlan Inc.