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M.A. in Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota
Cino’s work centers on collaboratively helping leaders cause transformation within their organizations. She is an executive coach, a provider of learning experiences, a facilitator and builder of partnerships, strategic plans and a guide in the development of leadership teams. She mediates conflict, supports leadership transition and facilitates large-scale organization culture transformation resulting in high performing professionals, organizations and systems.

Cino uses experiential learning in much of her work and is a qualified user of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the Emotional Quotient Inventory, the Creatrix (Innovation), Hogan Leadership Assessments and other instruments that facilitate understanding for individuals and groups. She is known for helping to create long-term results with her clients and is consistently given feedback that her energetic, innovative approach to design, facilitation and transformation is an important contributor to client success.

Cino's Expertise.

Cino has provided development services to innovative organizations for more than 25 years. She is known for creating crucial conversations resulting in bold thinking, actions and results for her clients. Cino has a proven track record working in many different industries and sectors including technology, product development, nonprofit, professional services, law, advertising, architecture, engineering, consulting, construction, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology, medical devices, manufacturing, government, higher education, R&D, design and consumer foods often working with fortune 50 global firms.