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Presence for Leading

Presence for Leading

By ECCO International Associate Rebecca Surmont Depending on which study you read, you know that most of our communication is nonverbal. Some studies report 60% while others up to 90%.  What we know for sure is that messages are sent and interpreted mostly without...

Women in Leadership: Part Two

By ECCO International Associate Chris Jones Attempting to be a leader when you’re a female can be discouraging. Let me share with you a brief tale of discouraging facts that led to a change in careers. About 30 years ago, I thought my dream job would be as a college...

Women in Leadership: Part One

It’s nearly impossible to turn on the news without hearing something about women in leadership. April is Women’s History Month and we’ve been hearing about the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. On April 8th, President Obama signed a new Executive Order to prevent...

Leadership: Nature or Nurture?

Those of us who are parents may wonder what innate talents we passed along with our gene pool. Being a fast runner, recognizing perfect pitch or having an affinity for math can be passed along as surely as red hair and freckles. What happens next is still a matter of...