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Training and Development Partnerships

Client: Ryan Companiesryan


Ryan Companies wanted to develop management and employees in four offices nationwide with no full-time internal training staff at the time.


To identify a human resource development and training partner to create and deliver various topics for employee education and development.


Designed, developed, and facilitated customized training programs:

  • Ryan Quality Management – I and II
    • A company-wide (Minneapolis, Phoenix, Cedar Rapids, and Chicago) quality initiative where ECCO provided four segments of the eight-segment offerings: Communicating Across Styles, Respect and Responsibility in the Workplace, Applying Team Concepts using DiSC, and Quality Applied to Ryan Cases.
    • Some sessions were offered in a traditional classroom format and others in a “Learning Station” format, an accelerated/collaborative learning training technique.
    • Offered quarterly as needed to accommodate new hires.
    • Many corporate initiatives and daily actions have been influenced by the result of this training.
  • Ryan Quality Facilitator Training
    • Training geared toward the organization’s leaders to facilitate the quality process on a day-to-day basis.
  • Ryan Meeting Management Training
    • Training geared to meeting facilitators, project managers and supervisors to hold more effective meetings with the right people at the right time with the correct length.
    • Open enrollment – offered quarterly.
  • Ryan Time Management Training
    • Training focused on squeezing more into every day, meeting deadlines with ease, spending less time on struggling with a to-do list and more time on pursuing opportunities.
    • Open enrollment, offered quarterly.
  • Ryan Partnering Sessions
    • Designed and facilitated partnering sessions with Ryan project teams and client teams to craft a joint project vision, ensure a smooth working process, define operating norms, and communication protocol.

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