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Learning Strategy Analysis

Client: Johnson & JohnsonJohnson-Johnson-Logo


A medical educating and training department for a company that develops and markets advanced medical devices for minimally invasive and open surgical procedures needed to partner more strategically with field marketing and end users.


To improve efficiency and performance in delivering education solutions


  • To create a new approach to learning organization-wide
  • To become recognized as a premier learning organization in the medical device industry
  • In partnering with BI, a 3-phase Learning Strategy Analysis was implemented:
    • Phase I: Pre-work. Purpose to establish a foundation of what is currently being done and to validate objectives, vision and branding.
    • Phase II: 3-day Strategy Meeting with key stakeholders (inputs include: performance objectives, target audience, curriculum analysis, content gap analysis, technical analysis, learning culture, and reward and recognition analysis.)
    • Phase III: Report and Validate Outcomes with a plan for fulfilling their mission to create a new approach to learning. The strategy encompasses new efforts and key actions that are to be implemented in critical areas of content, measurement, internal/external communications, rewards/recognition and technology.

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