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Improving Productivity

Client: 3M


“ECCO provides regular, ongoing consultation and training in implementation of our diversity education initiative. They have been instrumental in the success of several divisions throughout our organization by customizing and facilitating education and training offerings through different modalities.”

Davina Mosher, Manager, Diversity Learning


As its global workforce became more diversified, 3M recognized the importance of educating management and employees on workforce diversity issues.


To increase diverse team productivity.


  • Provide regular, ongoing consultation and training in implementation of 5-phase diversity education initiative, including consultant team meetings, input to design, and facilitator for over 1700 participants to date.
  • Design, develop, and facilitate 8 modules for the Iceberg series for diversity education.
  • Customize and facilitate diversity education and training offerings to several divisions throughout the organization.

Client: Norstan


 “[ECCO International] has worked not only with our high potential managers and our field management population, but was also effective in establishing rapport and gaining commitment from our senior executives translated effectively into an action-oriented style that connects with her audiences and motivates action and behavior changes. ”

Alan Perry, Vice President, Human Resources


As a telecommunications firm with five new corporate imperatives Norstan needed to begin to develop multicultural competency throughout the organization.


To set a standard for multicultural competence in all of Norstan management.


  • We began by developing and educating a diversity council of high level senior managers and executives who formed a core group to lay a foundation for Norstan’s diversity strategy.
  • Facilitate an executive session for the CEO and top executives on the business reasons for diversity and how multiculturalism can move Norstan forward.
  • Craft a customized business case with strategic plan and recommended actions for further development.
  • Design, develop and facilitate an intensive 2-day experience for all managers nationwide. This education experience focused on developing multicultural communication skills through instrumented learning, custom case studies, video ethnography, and an accountability plan that is written into the performance appraisal system.

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