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Diversity and Inclusion

Cultivating Diversity & Inclusion

Creating Diversity Initiatives

Client: Lawson Softwarelawson

 “We have had the pleasure of getting to know and work with Dr. Amy Tolbert over the past two years and have found her to be extremely knowledgeable, candid, flexible and professional and hope that it will be one that is long-lasting and enduring because of the expertise she can bring to our organization.”Terri Gordon, Organization Development Manager, Lawson Software

Challenge: With a new manifesto and vision, Lawson promises clients to deliver software and services that put time on your side. They realized that setting a new standard in the application software industry means competency and skill development in multiculturalism.Goal: To weave multicultural standards into the advanced leadership program, performance appraisals, education and development of staff, and customer sales and service.


  • Conduct a diversity audit of the organization including leaders, managers, all levels of employees and clients.
  • Facilitate an executive summit where diversity audit data is analyzed and a course of action is outlined.
  • Design, develop and facilitate a multicultural module in the CEO sponsored Lawson Advanced Leadership Program.
  • Incorporate multicultural skill based modules in new Lawson University curriculum so that it is not a stand-alone piece of content but a method for conducting the day-to-day business of Lawson

Client: Ryan Companiesryan

“Ryan has had the greatest opportunity to develop professionally as a result of this wonderful relationship that has been created through ECCO. Working with ECCO has been empowering and forward thinking on Ryan’s part. We have used ECCO’s expertise from new hire orientation to developing a diversity strategy and much more besides. ECCO is a company that has ethics that run parallel to our own, and we value that as a corporation. The professionalism, attitude, and knowledge content that is provided by ECCO continues to inspire and motivate us. Keep up the fantastic work and continue to be leaders and pillars in the community.”Claire Killen, EEO/AA Coordinator, Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Challenge: Ryan Companies saw a need to define the business advantages of diversity and inclusion and a strategic plan to move the diversity effort forward.

Goal: To establish themselves as a diversity model in order to attract the best talent and lucrative contracts.


  • ECCO helped form the Ryan Diversity Steering Committee and worked with the group to create a Ryan business case for diversity, strategic plan, and implementation goals for success.
  • We identified diversity and inclusion successes in the workplace and analyzed them to make them repeatable, as well as minimizing the business and productivity loss associated when diversity was not honored.

Selling to Multicultural Customers

Client: Ford Motor Companyford

“Where would we be without you? Still planning the training interventions, rather than reaping the rewards from an award-winning program, that’s where.” Mike Rosingana, Sales Curriculum Training Manager, Retailer Education & Training

Challenge: Ford Motor Company Retailer Education & Training needed to create an initiative to educate their dealer body. With the dramatically changing demographics of their current and future customers, they saw a need to educate sales, service, and finance and personnel – a group 60,000 strong and spread across the United States.

Goal: To increase multicultural customer satisfaction scores and ultimately, increase sales to these groups across the United States.

Solution: Create Insight: Bringing People into Focus – a nationwide customer satisfaction and business initiative to help dealerships better connect with today’s multicultural customers. This full-scale initiative includes:

  • FORDSTAR Broadcasts facilitated by Dr. Tolbert with guests from multicultural advertising agencies and FMC execs.
  • Regional Seminars focused on establishing the business case, educating management on multicultural skill sets, and designing a dealership strategy for multicultural success.
  • Web-based Training on 6 cultures (Women, GLBT, African-American, Asian, Hispanic and Youth).
  • Customized in-dealership workshops focusing on 2 cultures for all customer-facing personnel.
  • On-going management consultations on developing their multicultural marketing strategy, coaching employees for further development and evaluating success.

Producing Leadership Events

st_cloud_hospital_logoClient: St. Cloud Hospital

“This has been the best leadership day we have had!” Participant Hospital Senior Leadership

“Amy brought an enthusiasm to the day that was appreciated by all attending. She is a delight to work with and was very thorough in her preparation and delivery of the material to make our training day very beneficial and rewarding – with great “hands-on” exercises!” Jon D. Tufte, Facilitator of Organizational Development, St. Cloud Hospital – CentraCare Health System

Challenge: The St. Cloud Hospital Organization Development Department wanted to further develop leaders skills in managing diversity.

Goal: Produce an event that would educate and train hospital leaders on a cutting-edge topic.


  • ECCO worked closely with the design team to craft a highly customized leadership event.
  • There was a pre-survey distributed electronically to determine the direction and content.
  • E-challenges formed the basis of a highly interactive day while working through real world issues such as style differences, generation gaps, and how to manage conflict in challenging situations.
  • Data collected during the session provided a 6-month follow up strategy, which helped the leadership to honor diversity on a daily basis.

Client: Mayo Clinicmayo clinic

“I have utilized Dr. Tolbert’s services multiple times in the past several years and found her skills to be of the highest caliber.I would recommend her (and have!) to any of my Mayo Clinic colleagues.” Kay Thiemann, Administrator, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Mayo School of Graduate Medicine Education

Challenge: Mayo Clinic Department of Patient Support Services saw a need to educate 1,100+ staff in a one day offering on how to interact with an increasingly diversified workforce and patient base.

Goal: To utilize a creative training methodology to increase understanding of, and interactions between multicultural groups both employee and patient based.


  • Design, develop, and facilitate a customized 2-hour session to be repeated three times in one day
  • Create an ongoing series of education to enhance education.
  • Create curriculum based on facts and current literature while engaging the cognitive effective and behavioral domains.
  • Utilize drama learning- scripted scenarios with professional actors to portray diversity situations that can occur in the workplace.

Diversity Training / eLearning

mayo clinicClient: Mayo Clinic

“Instructor was enthusiastic, friendly, and open the entire time.” “Very insightful.” “Very pertinent to my current workplace situation.” Participant testimonials

Challenge: Mayo Clinic saw a need to educate physicians and staff on how to interact with an increasingly diversified workforce and patient base.

Goal: Achieve improved ratings on staff and patient satisfaction surveys.

Solution: Design, develop, and facilitate custom diversity solutions for Mayo Education Services. Courses include, but are not limited to:

  • Promoting Diversity in the Workplace
  • Respect and Responsibility in our Work Environment (two courses – employees and managers)
  • Building a Foundation of Management Skills (includes communication skills, coaching, motivation, respect and responsibility, managing a diverse workforce, communicating strategically, leadership and management contrasted).

Client: Owens Corning

owens-corning_0Challenge: Owens Corning is committed to providing ongoing training and educational opportunities to develop awareness of diversity in its employee base. Sexual orientation in the workplace needed to be addressed as a part of diversity awareness.

Goal: To create a custom eLearning sexual orientation offering for all employees to access.


  • Conducted an organizational scan of pertinent programs/diversity offerings and employees’ perceptions of sexual orientation in the workplace.
  • Conducted design meetings with the LGBT affinity group to scope the content.
  • Designed, developed and programmed a pilot to validate content and methodology with a cross section of potential users.
  • Delivered and implemented with IT the final product for world wide employee use.

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